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What is a clinical psychologist?

Clinical Psychologists have six years of formal training, having completed a degree in psychology and then a Diploma or Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Dr Suzanne Glendenning completed her doctorate in 1998, and this training focuses on applying the theories and principles of psychology to problems experienced by individuals, such as psychological disorders, difficulties in relationships or problems adjusting to life experiences or trauma. Clinical psychologists use therapies which are often referred to as talking therapies. This involves working with clients to enable them to understand their difficulties, develop better ways of coping and bring about change in their lives.

Clinical psychologists are trained in several therapeutic approaches, such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and may use aspects and techniques from different approaches in working with a client. Dr Suzanne Glendenning regularly takes part in continuing professional development activities to keep her professional knowledge and skills up-to-date.

Most clinical psychologists train and work within the NHS, and Dr Suzanne Glendenning continues to be employed within an NHS mental health service as well as providing private therapy. She aims to provide high quality, evidence-based therapy in line with national recommendations e.g. NICE Guidelines.